What Do You Do When You Detect An Arc Flash?

arc flash hazard analysis

Answering this question becomes a poser for a majority of readers. But fortunately, the use of the internet today provides all business owners with more than enough authoritative information on what the sudden arc flash entails and what can be done about it. Of course, the licensed professional technicians tasked with the risk management procedures and rapid response will also be in a strong position to help your case.

In fact, upon first consultation before or after the necessary arc flash hazard analysis, the technicians would insist upon it. It is their duty to inform the public and forms one of a number of roles of outsourced risk managers. Their specialization will be in the proper functioning of all electrical installations on commercial premises. So, there is the answer. When it is suspected that an arc flash is underway, the business owner will be contacting the specialist inspectors and maintenance technicians as soon as possible.

Owing to the urgency of this case, the technicians will be responding immediately. Perhaps you could appreciate this, the smaller the operational infrastructure, the quicker the inspection will be completed. No matter the size of the business premises and no matter how complex its electrical installations, inspection work is not cumbersome nor is it done over a period of days. All it takes for a qualified and licensed electrical expert to detect a potential electrical fault or arc flash hazard is the utilization of a small, portable hand-held device.

It is possible for business owners with a good risk management plan in place to purchase or rent their own hand-held devices but for the purposes of accomplishing qualified risk management work it is far better to keep a professional inspection team on its books as an outsourced service provider.