If We May Be So Bold; Make A Point Of Checking In With Your Dentist On A Regular Basis

Do you not remember what your junior school teacher once taught you? Whether she told you this or not, your mother will have. Make sure that you brush your teeth in the morning before you go to school, and make sure that you have brushed your teeth before you go to bed at night, preferably at the hour instructed. And also make sure that you have brushed your teeth after every meal, even the one you enjoyed during the school lunch break.

But human nature is so peculiar, even to the point of being irresponsible. In later years, we would all have been boldly told to make a point of visiting the Boulder dentist at least once a year, ideally twice or even three times a year. Some folks, or is it that many, go as far as avoiding the dentist altogether. Does this have something to do with the phobia inherited from childhood? Always fearing the dentist’s drill when a tooth had to be removed or an abscess had to be sutured?

Boulder dentist

Perhaps, but really folks, in this day and age, what really do you have to fear? Today’s dental practices are all best equipped with advanced technologies which support the provision of pain free diagnoses and dental work. Just a touch of the anesthetic, sure, your infected area does feel numb for a while, just numb, not painful, and before you know it, that troublesome tooth is gone or the swelling of the gums have subsided substantially.

This of course, could have been avoided if you had brushed your teeth regularly, as you were told, and been to the dentist for your regular checkup.