As people go through life, there can be pain involved. After the passing of years, some joints get out of whack and this is how pain comes about. Never mind the bumps and scrapes. Those will heal just fine. You need to be much more concerned about low back pain, which can be excruciating. The causes of this kind of pain could be a variety of issues. Usually, the pain has to do with the psoas muscles just anterior to the abdominal muscles.

low back pain sciatica Gibsonia

When these muscles go into spasm, it can feel like a disc popped out in the spine. However, this is usually fixed with a muscle relaxant, a pain killer, and good rest for a few days. On the other hand, there are back injuries that are not so easily treated. When the pain is also shooting down one leg or the other, you probably have a condition known as sciatica. This is when the long sciatic nerve running from the lower back to the tips of the feet is pinched at the spine.

If this sounds like you, it is time to seek relief for low back pain sciatica Gibsonia area can treat. Severe lower back pain can be a sign of a more serious condition and that is exactly why you need a thorough examination. If significant damage is found and real sciatica is present, surgery will probably be suggested. Ask about other options in this case because spinal surgeries can work out to mean paralysis. Sometimes it isn’t worth the risk.

Trusting the professionals is the best approach. Describe the pain to the doctor and tell them what makes it better or worse. They are going to ask you many more questions which you should answer honestly. Reflexes will be tested along with the usual basics. As it could turn out, you may not even need surgery at all. Get a second opinion.